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Design Services

Intercept offers a comprehensive range of design services for businesses operating across any sector, and located anywhere.

We can help your business to stand apart from the competition, whilst achieving measurable results.

We’ll create unique marketing materials that clearly define your business offer and persuasively communicate this to your ideal customers.

Let us help you to reliably drive new enquiries and sales to your business.

What design services do Intercept Marketing offer?


The reason that most of us choose the products and services we do is often about what the logo and brand means to us, think Apple or McDonalds and you can see that they make a significant investment to ensure that the logo is both seen and stands apart from competitors in their areas of business.

When we design your logo, we’ll be bringing you 100% original graphic design that is based on what you wish to convey about your business, your values and what makes you unique. We’ll then start the process of designing you some initial ideas that can then be refined to a final logo you can get using!

On completion, if you choose, you can then register your logo with the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) protecting it from other businesses using the same or similar in your area of business. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you on doing this!

The difference with our design services is that we really pay attention to what you’re looking for and give you a totally original and bespoke identity, designed with the same care as if it were for our own business.


Stationary, as mainly in business cards and letterheads, is one of the most important aspects of how you professionally present your business, so it’s important that you love how they look and feel and are therefore very happy to give and send them out as you need.

Not having your stationary right can be letting your business image down, as customers and clients can be left with an impression of your business that is incorrect and therefore potentially costing you business.

We’ll work hard to make sure that your stationary is something you can be proud of and feel more than happy giving out or sending in letters or across digital media.

Our design services are different, as many other designers see stationary as something as an afterthought once the logo has been developed, while we give it the same attention to detail and importance as your logo – meaning more effective and business generating stationary, that gives out the right impression for you every time. 


Despite the move to digital for so many areas of marketing, brochures are still very important and businesses across the UK spend many tens of millions annually on design and print of brochures, as they can be very effective in generating new business.

Brochures don’t have to be big, glossy and expensive, sometimes a small A5 brochure can be just as effective, digitally printed and cheaper to post out.

Alternatively, brochures can be an ideal give-away when you meet clients in person, or when you are doing an exhibition, or attending a networking event.

For us as designers, brochure design is one of our favourite types of project as we love to see the end result in print (or in digital format) and equally we love to see our clients’ happy response in seeing their idea come to life in their new brochure.

It’s the care and many years of skill and experience that enable our brochure design services to stand apart from other designers, we’re super-dedicated to giving you the very best and we design with pride and showing you off to your very best!


Your website is often the first port of call for customers and clients who want to find out about who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems.

A website is therefore vitally important, like your business stationary, for setting out your company information and creating the right first impression.

Aside from this, your website is also an important tool for lead generation, so it’s important that the information on products, services and the types of business or consumer sectors you serve are clear and logically presented.

We’ll help you get your website fully designed and online quickly and we’ll do it right, so that you can start driving traffic and selling your products and services to start generating new business enquiries and sales.


Although use of social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. will appeal and be more relevant to some business sectors over others, it’s almost certain that clients and customers will expect to see you have at least one or two social channels where they can keep in touch and engage with posts and updates.

Having professionally designed social media pages can make you look like you mean business and present your business as established and professional. It can be a real let-down to visit social media pages from a nicely designed website, only to find that they have not been given the same level of attention – this can cost business.

We’ll design your social media pages with the knowledge of what works and the essentials you need to have in place so that you maintain the level of expectation and don’t miss out on all-important social interaction.

Whether it’s just your LinkedIn profile, or a whole suite of social channels, we can develop branding for every requirement to present your business in its best possible light.


If you’re a new business, then being at an exhibition with your business might seem like something in the far distance!

But aside from bigger shows and events, there are many smaller opportunities, such as business networking events where you need a basic stand or other materials that you can attract visitors and have a few handy give-aways.

Our design services mean that we can produce your graphics for any requirement, from a single banner or poster upwards, so you can relax and focus on representing your business personally, knowing that your graphics and materials are fully supporting you.

If and when your requirements require a more advanced exhibition design, we’ll be able to help you, no matter how or where you choose to exhibit!

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