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Great British Apples Brand Development

Great British Apples is a grower-funded, not-for-profit organisation that represents all commercial apple growers of dessert and culinary fruit in the UK.

Their ambition is for at least 60% of apples sold in the UK to be British by 2030.

Today, British apples represent less than 40% of all apples sold in the UK, despite being our national fruit.

Activities include industry representation, government liaison, data gathering and consumer awareness raising and promotion.

Great British Apples Brand Development
Great British Apples Brand Development - Social Media
Great British Apples Brand Development - Website

The Problem

We all love a good apple, but in truth, how often do you even think about where it was grown and who lovingly produced it?

That’s what Great British Apples is about, an organisation that represents all UK commercial apple growers.

They needed a brand that really stood apart and would be an ideal platform to deliver marketing promotions and champion the cause for the great British Apple grower!

It needed to be distinctive and a little bit fun, but still represent the serious side of representing a large agricultural business sector.

Great British Apples Brand Development

The Solution

We were told to “Make Apples Great”, so that’s what we did!

We were tasked to create a strong and powerful identity to represent the apple growers throughout the UK.

We created the “GREAT APPLE”, a hand-drawn, beautiful logotype solution which adapted itself to many elements and is an instantly recognisable brand.

Project Scope

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