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Groom at Yours Brand Development

New logo for a mobile dog grooming business

Groom at Yours is a mobile dog grooming business, which offers these services to discerning dog owners in the Lancashire area.

The new business needs to stand out and have an instantly recognisable logo, we helped them to get the business from an idea, to making good money!

Groom At Yours Brand Development

The Problem

Mobile dog grooming services have seen a huge growth across the UK, with many people offering these services either from static premises, or via a mobile service, usually in specially adapted vans.

Therefore any new business entering the sector needs to have a great name and a logo that gets the attention and stands apart from the crowd!

Also one that works well across social media to keep customers and followers engaged.

Groom at Yours Van Livery

The Solution

We developed this fun cartoon based logo that instantly tells the audience what the business does and has immediate impact and kerb appeal for the business owner’s van.

The logo also lends itself very well to being used across a variety of social media channels such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to keep the photographs of happy groomed dogs front and centre, all supported by their great looking logo and branding.

Project Scope

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