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POPUPWiFi Brand Development

POPUPWiFi is a company providing short term 4G and 5G WiFi for both domestic and business customers.

These services are needed where there is poor internet coverage, as in certain rural areas, or they are also handy where there has been a move of house or business premises where short-term coverage is needed before the main networks are in place.

popupwifi brand development by intercept marketing
popupwifi stationary by intercept marketing

The Problem

The business had been trading via a consumer ecommerce website on a small scale, but saw that through this, they were also receiving some very good business enquiries,

They realised these could be potentially lucrative so needed to capitalise on this.

The existing branding had served them well, but was well overdue for a revamp. It was also decided that a new Business-to-Business website was required with a similar family logo, but with a more commercial colouring and strapline.

POPUPWIFI Website Design by Intercept Marketing

The Solution

Firstly, we moved away from the existing name ‘PopUp4G’ to the more relevant ‘POPUPWiFi’ which would have more longevity for changing future technologies.

We designed the two new logos, the fresh orange and purple one was ideal for the consumer retail business. The blue and grey logo, with accompanying strapline, being designed for attracting business based enquiries.

The consumer logo and branding were applied to a makeover of the ecommerce website, whilst the blue and grey business version is being applied to a new website design as shown in the images above.

Project Scope

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