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RoamingExpert supply tailor-made mobile phone & data contracts to UK and Global users.

They are an independent and unique business formed to tackle the problem of high mobile roaming costs for businesses. They help thousands of businesses save money and avoid large international roaming bills. Their specialist team of experts ensure businesses benefit from the lowest tariffs possible.

roamingexpert brand development
roamingexpert stationary

The Problem

The business was looking to drive lead generation and sales but felt that the previous logo didn’t really convey who they were, or represent their other divisions (Yachting & Motorsports) that well. They were also looking for a website that could be ranked highly in search engines so they could, over time, be less reliant on expensive outbound marketing activities.

The RoamingExpert brand development covered a wide area of their business requirements, which would give the company a fresh look and marketing tools on which to build and grow.

The Solution

The RoamingExpert brand development process started, after a short phase of research. We then designed a new logo using colours that would represent the corporate brand, but also easily identify the other divisions clearly and simply in one cohesive family style.

Intercept designed a unique “marque” emphasising the companies initials “RE”. The letter “e” in the brand uses negative space. This demonstrates RoamingExpert’s interaction with their clients, working as experts in the background to get their clients the best possible contracts.

In conjunction with a “stylised” complimentary typeface this formed the basis of the new RoamingExpert brand.

With brand development agreed, we then moved on to designing all the necessary business items, from the new websites, to stationery, brochures, presentations and signage.

The business now has an ideal platform on which to grow, as we are successfully implementing new business strategies to increase revenues from SEO leads and sales.

RoamingExpert Signage
RoamingExpert Signage
RoamingExpert Signage

Project Scope

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